WP7 – Validation


– Design, analysis and manufacturing of two leading edge (LE) validation structures have been concluded by IAI. The validation structures include the basalt fibres/honeycomb leading edge structures.

– Embedment of a layer of useful sensors without deteriorating the laminate properties introducing a weak layer or excessive waviness in the surrounding plies. Low-speed trial shot on EXTREME specimen with sensors embedded was carried out.

– New analysis method was applied to model Extreme soft body impact.

– A DoE approach has been used with a preliminary model to assess sensitivity of different test parameters. This will boost robustness of the novel test setup. A higher-fidelity model embedding feedbacks from manufacturing will be generated for post-test correlation. This test arrangement can be used in the future to test in a representative way different casing / FTL systems at sub-component level.

– Design of the test setup and implementation in existing gas gun’s containment chamber is finalized and manufacturing started.

– Design of the impactor (blade slice) is finalized.

– Digimat software was used to de-homogenise in-plane properties and re-homogenise a 3D orthotropic material card.

Two of the composite Leading Edges, which have been recently manufactured