WP6 – NDT/SHM Sensing


– Full-field optical strain measuring instruments, namely the shearography and the high-speed 3D DIC instruments.

– Smart impact sensing concept for in-situ monitoring of extreme dynamic events with fibre-optics sensors, including FBG interrogator called “Supergator” and ribbon tapes with embedded sensors.

– Concept of tailored sensor-actuator layers (TEmSAL) for the integration of sensor networks in composite structures together with advanced signal processing for impact localisation.

– New experimental techniques for advanced post-event damage characterisation, including through-the-thickness evaluation of the damage volume and accurate counting based on non-linear ultrasonics.

[TUDelft] THz imaging instrument: optical alignment using collimator

[TUDelft] THz imaging instrument: optical alignment using aperture at the focusing point


[TUDelft] The developed THz instrument: an overview of the final assembly

[TUDelft] Shearography. Setup status

Laser pulses delivery

[6.4 Benchmarking] Fusion for post-impact characterisation