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Technobis Fibre Technologies BV is part of Technobis Group and specialises in the development and supply of fibre optic sensing solutions based on integrated photonics. Together with her sister companies Technobis Fibre Technologies has the capacity to support and fulfil the necessary supply chain tasks in the cycle of getting a product from idea to series production.

Technobis Fibre Technologies BV specialises in the development and supply of fibre optic sensing solutions based on integrated photonics.

In this project the main tasks for Technobis Fibre Technologies are the 1) assessment of measurement requirements and 2) translate them into a system design, and to 3) manufacture into a prototype of a FBG interrogation module as specified. With regard to the implementation of a suitable fibre optic sensing system; the key objectives for a fibre optic sensing solution are small footprint, miniaturisation and extreme load sensing capability. Integrated Photonics has proven to be a most suitable technology in achieving these objectives. Well packaged Application Specific Photonic Integrated Circuits (ASPIC) provide dedicated designs and efficient module integration. Technobis provide both ASPIC design and integration products and services, as well as high performance packaging capable of complying to these objectives.


  • SPH code

    SPH code is used for the several projects within defence sector, including Lockheed Martin, AWE, Raytheon, DSTL and offshore sector (BP).

    11th March 2020

    UBATH Impact detection system (TRL 6) developed within the scope of EXTREME was used on CFRP COMPOSITE WING STRINGER-SKIN Panel provided by the courtesy of Airbus UK.

    11th March 2020

    Enhancements to LS-DYNA that have been released with the latest version of LS-DYNA (R9.2 and newer) and made available for all customers.

    11th March 2020

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