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Founded in 2003 and subsidiary of MSC Software Corporation since 2012, e-Xstream engineering is a software and engineering services company 100% focused on the multi-scale modelling of complex multi-phase composite materials and structures. Typical materials which are focused on are: short-fiber reinforced plastics, polymer-/metal-/ceramic-matrix composites, nanocomposites, hard metals, etc. The company helps customers, material suppliers, and material users across many industries reduce the cost and time needed to engineer innovative materials and products using Digimat, the nonlinear multi-scale material and structure modelling platform. This platform regroups different software tools and software solutions:

  • Digimat-MF and Digimat-FE which can be used to analyze and to predict the behavior of multi-phase materials by computing the response of the different constituents as a function of the geometry of the underlying microstructure, with either fast semi-analytical methods (Digimat-MF) or detailed finite element analyses (Digimat-FE) ;
  • Digimat-CAE which makes it possible to couple most commercially available finite element software (MSC Marc, Nastran, Abaqus, LS-DYNA, Ansys, etc.) with Digimat-MF and, more particularly, to use Digimat-MF material models in finite element analyses and to feed these material models, at any location within the finite element model, with the correct microstructure which itself comes from the manufacturing process (typically injection molding or draping);
  • Digimat-MX which offers the capabilities to store, protect (encrypt) and exchange material data and material models between different users in different locations;
  • Digimat-MAP which helps mapping process-related information (distribution of fiber orientations, residual stresses or porosities, weld lines, etc.) onto the finite element meshes used for structural analysis;
  • Digimat-RP which integrates Digimat-MF, Digimat-MAP and Digimat-CAE functionalities in a single, user-friendly graphical user interface;
    Digimat-VA which can be used to generate material allowables (i.e. statistically meaningful strength values) by numerical simulation rather than by experimental testing;
  • Digimat-HC which offers modelling capabilities dedicated to honeycomb structures.

e-Xstream engineering is a software and engineering services company 100% focused on the multi-scale modelling of complex multi-phase composite materials and structures

In the EXTREME project, e-Xstream engineering is mainly responsible for:

  • developing meso-scale models capable of predicting the response of typical aerospace composite materials to extreme loading conditions such as impact, i.e. models capable of predicting how stresses and strains develop and how failure initiates and propagates within the matrix, within the yarns or the fibers and at the interface in-between;
  • making the information gained with these meso-scale models available, in an efficient manner, in impact finite element analyses on industrial applications (sub-component or component level) which cannot include the same level of details for the sake of computational efficiency;
  • validating and illustrating the outcome of the above activities on industrial applications;
  • leading the work package on dissemination and, more particularly, organise a 2-day conference on the outcome, applications and further perspectives of the project.


  • SPH code

    SPH code is used for the several projects within defence sector, including Lockheed Martin, AWE, Raytheon, DSTL and offshore sector (BP).

    11th March 2020

    UBATH Impact detection system (TRL 6) developed within the scope of EXTREME was used on CFRP COMPOSITE WING STRINGER-SKIN Panel provided by the courtesy of Airbus UK.

    11th March 2020

    Enhancements to LS-DYNA that have been released with the latest version of LS-DYNA (R9.2 and newer) and made available for all customers.

    11th March 2020

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