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EXTREME based publications
  • Presentations given at a LS-DYNA conference are available
    at www.dynalook.com
  • A. Haufe, “The Simulation Process Chain: ?From Manufacturing to Part Performance of Composites”, 21.-23.- September, Intl. Conference on Automotice Composites, Lisbon, 2016.
  • Liebold, Chr., Haufe, A., Closing the Simulation Process Chain using a Solver Independent Data Exchange Platform: The Digital Prototype, In: LS-DYNA Forum, Bamberg, October 12-12, 2016.
  • Haufe, A., Andrade, F., Feucht, M., Riemensperger, D., Schweizerhof, K., Predictive Frac-ture Modeling in Crashworthiness: A Discussion of the Limits of Shell-Discretized Structures, 14th International LS-DYNA Conference, June 13-14, Dearborn, MI, USA.
  • Liebold, Chr., Erhart, A., Haufe, A., The significance of the production process of FRP parts for the performance in crashworthiness, 14th International LS-DYNA Conference, June 13-14, Dearborn, MI, USA.
EXTREME based publications
  • Karajan, N., Haufe, A., L‘Eplattenier, P., Çaldichoury, I., Process simulation of induction heated carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastics using LS-DYNA®, 14th International LS-DYNA Conference, June 13-14,Dearborn, MI, USA.
  • Haufe, A., Schweizerhof, K., From process simulation to product performance: Constitutive models along the simulation process chain. Invited lecture: Institut für Materialprüfung, Werkstoffkunde und Festigkeitslehre, 14. April 2016, University of Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Liebold, Chr., Hartmann, S., Haufe, A., Moncayo, D., Comparison of primarily used material models for composites in LS-DYNA, In: Automotive Grand Challenge 2016, April 12-13, Ha-nau, Germany.
  • Haufe, A., Recent developments in reinforced polymer modelling in LS-DYNA, October 13th 2016, Göteborg, Sweden.
EXTREME related events
  • ICAutoC (Intl. Conference on Automotice Composites), Lisbon

DYNAmore is a software and engineering consultant company based in Germany. Its main competencies are concentrated in software development, consulting and training, support and distribution of the simulation suite LS-DYNA. DYNAmore services thousands of LS-DYNA licenses throughout Europe with major applications in the field of crashworthiness and process simulation. The simulation code LS-DYNA, which is known to be among the world’s most powerful simulation tools, allows for the use of both explicit and implicit time integration schemes to address and solve leading edge engineering multi-physics problems.

DYNAmore is actively contributing to a number of funded research project in European and the predictability of computer models in engineering applications. At present DYNAmore and its subsidiaries employ 100+ people mostly engineers, mathematicians or physicists. The headquarters of the company are located in Stuttgart/Germany but four more subsidiaries are located in Germany nearby major customers as well as in European neighbour countries as Sweden, Italy, Switzerland and France.

LS-DYNA, is known to be among the world’s most powerful simulation tools

DYNAmore will contribute its widely acclaimed expertise into the project to develop new constitutive and dicretization models and algorithms for impact simulation of fibre reinforced polymers.


  • SPH code

    SPH code is used for the several projects within defence sector, including Lockheed Martin, AWE, Raytheon, DSTL and offshore sector (BP).

    11th March 2020

    UBATH Impact detection system (TRL 6) developed within the scope of EXTREME was used on CFRP COMPOSITE WING STRINGER-SKIN Panel provided by the courtesy of Airbus UK.

    11th March 2020

    Enhancements to LS-DYNA that have been released with the latest version of LS-DYNA (R9.2 and newer) and made available for all customers.

    11th March 2020

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